Design Process

Whether you wish to build a small addition or an elaborate dream home, we can assist in the process of bringing your dreams into reality.

The Five Basic Steps:

1) INITIAL CONSULTATION- (Always free of charge) This is a chance for us to get to know each other a bit and talk about general project ideas and goals. We assess the feasibility of the project.

2) SITE VISIT- It is usually best to visit the site in person. This will give us a sense of the land and its relationship to the surroundings and will determine many things about the overall design.

3) PRELIMINARY DESIGN- After a brief interview of your lifestyle, living requirements and design preferences, we begin working on a preliminary design. When complete, you are presented with floorplans,elevations and perspective views based on the given criteria

4) DESIGN EDITING- You, your contractor and special consultants all get a chance to give input on the design. We make necessary modifications and fine tune the design.

5) FINAL PLANS- Once you are satisfied with the preliminary design, we move into final plans, consulting with local building departments, contractors, engineers and special consultants if necessary. We continue to consult with you on kitchen and lighting details. A full set of construction documents includes:


Plot Plan


4 Elevations

Foundation Plan

Floor Framing Plans

Roof Framing Plan

Electrical Plan



Cabinet Layout

Interior Elevations (if necessary)

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