Energy Audits


We have recently completed training for home energy audits using a “whole house” approach, from insulation to appliances. The software we use takes collected data and performs over 1000 calculations, resulting in a customized, detailed, 18+ page report which identifies all the cost effective ways to make your home more energy efficient as well as many practical ways to conserve energy. The figures are translated into in actual dollar amounts for potential energy savings and costs to make improvements. Additionally, the report breaks down the group of improvements that will pay for themselves when financed. These days, more and more people are concerned with their homes energy efficiency.

Benefits of a “Home Tune-Up” Audit:

*Find out how you can reduce energy bills by 15-40%

*Improve indoor comfort

*Increase value of home

*Low or No cost recommendations to conserve energy

Realtors can:

*Prove energy efficiency of newer homes.

*Help their clients make their homes more energy efficient by spending less than they save.

*Make homes more “saleable”.

*Offer this report as a gift to buyers after the sale.

As we do not do the actual weatherization work or install HVAC systems, this is an unbiased third party inspection.

As a bonus to this inspection, we also assess the potential for solar panel utilization on the property.

Cost: $270 for homes under 2500sq.ft. (add $0.10/sq.ft. over 2500 sq.ft.)

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