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Touson Saryon is currently the sole proprietor of Integral Design Studio. He grew up in a small country town outside Boston, MA. and discovered his passion for architecture at the early age of 13. He began designing houses at the age of 14.

Touson attended the Syracuse school of Architecture for 2 years, when he realized that the education there was too narrow for his aspirations. He then transferred to the School of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning at University of Massachusetts-Amherst which he attended for 2 more years. This gave him a well rounded design perspective and helped to form his overall design philosophy.

Touson sought a private mentorship with an Ecological Architect in Northern California for 2 more years where he studied and had hands on experience in Sustainable “Green” Architecture.

After traveling for 2 years, he landed in Angel Fire, New Mexico with his new beloved wife where he worked with a local designer. He then settled in Crestone, CO where he lived, raised a family with 2 children, built a 3000 sq.ft family home and practiced architectual design for 8 years.

Touson has lived in Mt. Shasta, CA for the past 8 yrs. with his family and continues his design work in Colorado, California and several other western states.

Design Process


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