Energy Framing

Hawk Residence

Conventional frame construction is obviously still the most popular building material in America. It is easy to build with, everyone knows how to build with it and it is readily available, therefore lower in cost. With conscious framing techniques we’ve been able to cut down on the amount of wood used, which leaves more room for insulation.

We urge people to seek sustainably harvested lumber sources to help support that growing industry and replenish our forest resources. A major lumber retailer has recently pledged to stock only sustainably harvested wood and has been pressuring their suppliers to get certified.

We frame floors and roofs with engineered lumber which is made from smaller, fast growing trees and uses less wood than conventional lumber. Local, standing dead trees are great for post and beamwork and recycled wood is excellent for cabinets, floors and siding and is often of a higher quality than most available woods on the market today.


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