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Robinson Residence

Welcome to Integral Design Studio, where creativity meets functionality. Every design project is a custom, dynamic, collaborative effort between the owner, designer, contractors, special consultants and the building site. Our job is to form the best ideas and information into a beautiful, harmonious, integrated design that is functional, aesthetic and within budget.

With our CAD capabilities, we offer a cutting edge design approach to make it easier for clients to visualize the end product. It also enables us to design nationwide.

Specializing in Sustainable Design.

We do our part in helping achieve America’s energy independence and your good health. As energy costs continue to rise, we can help lower your heating/cooling bills while keeping you more comfortable in all seasons. The use of natural, non-toxic materials and finishes will also keep you healthier throughout the year.

The degree of sustainability of a project usually depends on the client’s interest, builder’s willingness and budget. We always consider:

– Passive and Active Solar
– Renewable / Nontoxic / Local Materials
– Space Efficiency
– Energy Efficiency
– Permaculture Landscape Integration
– Feng Shui Principles

We have extensive experience and take joy in designing with alternative materials such as strawbale, structural insulated panels, autoclaved aerated concrete, insulated concrete forms and adobe. Please peruse our gallery of projects. We are glad to talk with you about your project and the initial consultation is always free of charge.

Simple elegance drives our design philosophy.

Over the past 16 years we have designed over 170 projects in the Western US ranging from small additions to dream homes, including two multi-unit townhouse projects and a few commercial/ institutional projects. We design both to the clients’ personal preferences as well as to the local and regional vernacular, often blending styles for a final product that is unique and timeless.

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